Why does Situation Expert work?

This is our secret formula


Tita Beal
American Management Association


"Employees can post ways they've found to handle tough situations."

As the Center for Creative Leadership study found with its 70-20-10 model, 70% most effective development of performance  comes from on-the-job experience, 20% from employees sharing their expertise, and 10% from structured training - and other studies show that most of that 10% is quickly forgotten. But how can line managers and L&D specialists capture the wisdom of one employee showing another how to solve a work challenge and disseminate that knowledge to every employee dealing with similar problems? 

Situation Expert gives companies an online resource where employees can post ways they've found to handle tough situations or ask for suggestions from others. This not only strengthens a sense of working together as a team but also gives credit to individuals and encourages innovative thinking for results.