Situation Expert
Problem-Solving Learning Platform Plus ChatGPT
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Situation Expert impacts work directly

Sitches (Situations) help in the following ways:
  • Fix, solve and improve work issues.
  • Impact work results.
  • Accelerate sharing of experiences.
  • Create reliable and dependable answers to work problems.
  • Reduce the gap between learning and applying.

We define expertise as capacities to "think through" problems and finding solutions. Anyone who "knows something" and "can do something" is an expert in his/her own area. He or she can contribute and share expertise no matter how narrow or expansive. 

We believe "Through Work We Learn"

Situation Expert (TM) helps workers learn while doing work. Situation Expert puts learners and team members in work situations. They learn by doing and thinking. They learn real-life issues! They become situation experts, fast! Situation Expert (TM) supports continuous self-learning, analytical thinking and creative problem-solving and measurement of work impacts.

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The Process

The process starts with identifying a situation (Sitch). Workers and learners can then do Deep Dive Thinking and analyze the causes using a variety of tools. They can also provide solutions or search ideas in from other members’ experiences. Finally, workers and learners can post successes and impacts.