Workers learn best when they fix, solve
and improve work issues. They take
action. They impact work.

Workers constantly fix, solve and improve work issues. What happens when they can’t figure things out?

Situation Expert is a Workflow Learning Platform that goes beyond skills and content learning. It builds your workers' expertise quickly.


Workers who train outside of work forget how to apply ideas, causing low productivity and negative impacts on your bottom line.



  •  Learning as an event
  •  Memorization and testing
  •  Theory and principles
  •  Far from context of work
  •  Easily forgotten
  •  Low transfer of ideas


  • Beyond content to thinking and applying
  • Beyond training as events
  • Scaling on how to fix, solve and improve work
  • Thinking skills to deal with the unexpected
  • Learn micro-ideas as needed


Workflow Learning makes learning stick by fixing, solving and improving work issues.


"Analytical thinking to define and solve problems - and learn."

Ryan Seratt
Training Director
There is so much to like about Situation Expert but some of the benefits that standout are how it helps people use critical thinking to define problems and how teams can problem solve together.  The built in problem-solving tools ask questions and provide a framework that leads you through a critical thinking process that results in defining exactly what the problem is and what needs to be considered to solve the issue. The tool then allows the user to share what that problem with thoughts, suggestions, and possible solutions with others team members, who are able to collaborate and reach a decision from inside the tool. This greatly reduces the need for long email strings and meetings to address problems and concerns. 

Situation Expert is a service provided by Vignettes Learning. Vignettes Learning is a leader in workshops, consulting and systems development covering: Workflow Learning, Microlearning, Scenario-Based Learning, Story-Based eLearning, Virtual Learning, Expertise Development and Learning Platforms.

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