Organizing in multiple ways the different content resources and methods to help workers and learners find answers and match the knowledge and information to their Path to Expertise (P2X), interests and need areas.

Collaborative Learning

These are the different micro-features that encourage free flow of conversations among members to exchange ideas and solutions. These include chats, discussions, notes, and private conversations. The social tools are integrated into all aspects of the system.

Advanced Groups

The ability to organize different workers and learners' Sitches and Workflows that is unique to a specific department, division, tasks, functions, teams or a specific team of people.

Content Creation

The ability for account owners, administrators and content writers to create micro-lessons and programs. It allows tagging and naming conventions to track all types of content to support the Deep Learning process. Authors can add pages, videos, images, PDFs, documents, and other types of files.


Account owners can use default help guide information. They can also customize and add their own help and support information.


Account owners can configure their own Support System to receive questions and inquiries, and process and track the issues to ensure that each issue is attended to.