It allows members to keep private notes on their discoveries, learnings, and other personal references.

Path to Expertise (P2X)

In Situation Expert, your Sitches, comments and other activities are tracked. The purpose of Path2X is to show you the areas of your Path to Expertise - Path2X. You'll see your progress and a general idea of your interest areas. You will also see the topics that you worked on and you can access directly the Sitches from the list. Path2X provides you total points. You can sort by Recent, Expertise Type, and Points. One valuable feature of your Path2X records is the display and announcement to your teams and company on how you are building your expertise.

Analytics / Metrics

A series of visual reports that captures dynamic data on Path to Expertise, Insights, Deep Learning Progress, Dynamic Impacts Surveys, Connections and Networks, Resources Utilized, Insights, Journals, Deep Smarts, and members' progress tracking.


The Experience API (or xAPI) is a new specification for learning technology that makes it possible to collect data on the wide range of experiences a member has in Situation Expert. This API captures, in a consistent format, data from a member or group's activities in the different parts of Situation Expert. Account owners also have the option to report and integrate the data and reports in their LRS or tracking system.