Sitches (Situation) Actions 

Sitches are situations, jams, issues, errors, gaps, troubles, stoppages, crisis, and many others to fix and solve. They are also opportunities to improve, grow, expand, and introduce better, faster and cheaper ways to get the desired results.


 A presentation of visual workflow, scheduler or timing of Sitches, events or learning situation.

Dynamic Impacts Survey 

 Instant, short, random, small and flexible surveys to collect, store and process workers’ and learners’ needs based on gaps in work demands. The data is compared with the list of resources, and results are presented to the workers and learners for quick workflow learning.

Surface & Deep Learning

Tools are micro-interactive “apps” that aid in the “Thinking Through” process when dealing with Sitches (Situations) They enable learners and workers to analyze, create solutions, find patterns, report impacts, and provide learning feedback. The tools include among others: Fishbone Analysis, 80/20 Rules, Gap Analysis, Critical Impacts Study, Mapping, Frames, GroupThink, Pros and Cons, Checklist, Workarounds, What Ifs, Videos, Downloads, Links, and Sense Making.

Path to Expertise (P2X)

 In Situation Expert, your Sitches, comments and other activities are tracked. The purpose of Path2X is to show you the areas of your Path to Expertise - Path2X. You'll see your progress and a general idea of your interest areas. You will also see the topics that you worked on and you can directly access the Sitches from the list. Path2X provides you total points. You can sort by Recent, Expertise Type and Points. One valuable feature of your Path2X records is the display and announcement to your teams and company on how you are building your expertise.

Insights & Reflections

A method that allows learners to submit and store micro-insights from their readings and researches in the system's content. The insights are then compiled to show the learners’ and workers’ Path to Expertise (P2X). The Insights indicate the reflections of the learners’ and workers’ learning paths.

Messaging and Alerts

In every aspect of the Situation Expert, Messaging and Alerts are in place to help facilitate the exchange of ideas among workers and learners, and help them solve, fix and improve work situations by applying Deep Learning processes.


A larger way to organize an open interaction by members in the company to preview, share and access peers and resources for the whole organization.

Members Connections

 A method to encourage members to connect, follow and to be followed by peers for the purposes of easy and quick exchanges of experiences, resources, and solutions.

Deep Smarts

A recognition method where members provide feedback and extend awards to postings and sharing of knowledge that meet the Deep Learning deliberate thinking process.