Through Work We Learn By
Fixing, Solving and Improving
Work Situations. 

New Workflow Learning Platform  
Welcome to Situation Expert

We are pleased to bring to you a system that helps us to continuously learn while we fix, solve and improve work situations. We encourage you to use Situation Expert as your day-to-day learning and problem solving tool. Have fun! 
Work with others to fix, solve and improve work situations

While at work you may encounter situations where you need help or answers to issues and problems. You can instantly Create a Stich (Situation) and alert others. In the same way, you can help others with their requests. This is how we learn best using Situation Expert. Go to "Sitches" above and create a sitch.
Join learning sessions organized by your Learning & Development Team

Your L&D Department may schedule facilitated or guided learning and training sessions. You may be invited or you can visit Groups to see areas that may be of interest to you. Visit the Groups. 

What our members say

"I became an expert. Fast. I realized expertise is about taking baby steps and focus on quick application. This boosted my confidence."
- Peter Garci, Process Engineer
"When I ask others how to fix things, I got answers instantly."

- Pearl Yvanez, Designer
"The best way to learn is dealing with work issues. In Situation Expert I learned how to create new ideas by wrestling with work situations."
- Joanne Peters, Finance Specialist