How Situation Expert and 25 Thinking Tools
Support Modern Learners and Workers?

Agile, Remote, Networked,
Self-Learners, Solutions Driven,
ChatGPT AI Assisted Problem Solving

Real-Work Impacts

Create Sitches (scenarios, real-work situations) to encourage deep thinking and application of ideas using one or a combination of 25 thinking tools. (For example problem-solving, troubleshooting, 80/20 rule, pros and cons, 360 degrees reflections, etc. Access the Work Impacts Reports.


Develop Microlearning content in text, image, upload video, PDF, PowerPoint files, and eLearning courses. Easy and fast distribution to members.

Social Learning

Participants can invite others and exchange ideas, contribute and learn from each other.


Participants can organize their own small trusted groups. Their groups allow them to develop intimate relationships. They rely on their networks for answers to problems they may encounter at work.

Cohorts and Collaboration

Allow participants to invite peers and leaders to join the Sitches or projects.

Sharing Stories

By sharing their own situations and solutions, members share their stories. At the heart of Situation Expert and 25 Thinking Tools is unlocking people’s abilities to share stories and experiences from real-life events. Members’ stories create shared understanding and empathy.

Advanced Scenarios

Provide learners and workers real-work situations as scenarios, ask them to analyze and find solutions. Let them discover their own answers.


Review member learning progress and expertise build-up reports.


Show participants their Path to Expertise (Path2X) progress. Path2X displays contributions on specific topics, ranking of contributions, and a searchable database of helpful answers. It shows the Top Situation Experts List.


Categorize all content as resources. Add tags for easy search and access.

Adaptive learning

Allow participants to study assigned learning or learning on Sitches which they find useful and relevant. They can initiate their learning plans by creating Sitches and discussing answers with peers, leaders, and experts.

Workflow Learning

Support workflow learning. While at work, participants and members search for answers and alert others about a problem that needs answers. Participants are encouraged to share experiences, learn from peers, and find reliable answers with search tools.

Knowledge Database and Performance Support

The accumulation of participant-shared experiences and expertise which are ranked and organized for quick access and reference. This draws out and takes advantage of abundant tacit knowledge from members.


Participants assist in curating, ranking, and commenting on high-value contributions by members.


Allows mentors to be assigned in groups to assist members, review and comment on projects, rate projects, and provide coaching and mentoring guidance.

Formal Learning

Add the ability to assemble a Sitch (Situation) as a formal content delivery with different content: eLearning, videos, PDFs, PowerPoint, and other methods.


Link, present, or add the Sitches to an existing lesson, course, webinar, in-person session, or eLearning.

Knowledge Checks

Add tests and knowledge checks and surveys at the end of the situation. Options include true/false, yes/no, essay, prioritization, and others.


Create and monitor schedules of learning plans.

Subscription, Spaced, and Alerts

Participants receive real-time, daily, or weekly email alerts summarizing learning comments and expertise ideas from their lessons and programs.


Customize, brand, and build your website.

Support and Help

Participants send support requests and search help and guide answers.

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Progressive Problem-Solving assisted by AI ChatGPT

Immersive Knowledge Powered by ChatGPT AI Assistant

AI ChatGPT accelerates and deepens problem-solving and learning. ChatGBT helps in drawing foundational knowledge from a generative conversation with the Internet. Situation Expert system validates, stores, and leads to smart thinking skills.