Beliefs and Values Story - “First Date”




This Situation is an illustration and demo of the Beliefs and Values Story.


During the Pandemic, a lot of people took the opportunity to revisit their priorities and life goals. One of the underlying themes is the need to balance personal life and work and learn to focus on our total well-being.

The “First Date” Story video is a Beliefs and Values story. It might also be called the “Human Element Story.” The video reminds us of the many things we often forget in our relationships - taking the time out to do special things for loved ones. We are always busy and in a hurry; we fail to recognize that relationships needed to be nurtured - from families to business clients. The video penetrates our deepest thoughts and emotions. Keywords: keeping relationships, well-being, life, and work balance, love, tenderness, expressing feelings, staying in touch with friends, colleagues, and families.

Your goal is to experience the demo and video story. 

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