757 MCDP Troubleshooting

General information of the situation
General information of the situation


The situation is where you start. You learn by dealing with real-life work situations. Provide a short description of the situation for the learners to work on. Along the way, you will impact results.
Sitches are situations, jams, issues, errors, gaps, troubles, stoppages and many others to fix and solve. They are also opportunities to improve, grow, expand, and introduce better, faster and cheaper ways to get the desired results.
What is your Situation and Question?
Act as engineer, ATA 24 AC 901 The lower FWD and AFT cargo doors will not open Electrically. What is the problem? Where this happens? what are observations? what are data?
What's the biggest challenge?
It was working a few hours ago in testing.
What's the objective?
Fix ASAP, turnaround quickly, plane needs to meet schedule.
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Ray Jimenez    
November 18, 2021