How to use Situation Expert

Reports and Analytics

What is Sitch Cycle?

Sitch Cycle shows the percentage of members who have started and completed the different parts of the Sitch activities. The higher the percentage suggests that members are spending more reflection and thinking through time on the Sitches. The goal is to have higher reflections and thinking through activities.

What are Deep Smarts?

Deep Smarts is a way to celebrate those contributions that are well thought out and have completed the full cycle from Instant (Surface) Thinking, Analysis, Solutions, Sense Making, Results and Feedback (Deeper). Click the Deep Smart icon at the top of a Sitch to see all the posts that have received a Deep Smarts Award. When viewing a post with a Deep Smarts Award, you can also comment and engage in the conversation. Continue to enhance the credibility of your ideas and improve your reputation with Deep Smarts.

What are Networks?

Networks show the level of trust relationship between members by following others and by being followed. The higher number for Following and Followers, the better members are able to receive assistance and assist others in dealing with work issues and/or in exchange experiences.

Review your activity Stats

You can track your activities by viewing "Stats." It is a visual way of keeping track of your progress.

My Path2X Map

This is another way to view your topics of interest in Situation Expert. Click the "My Path2X Map" link. Choose a topic by clicking on it and research results will appear.

Track your progress with Path2X (Path to Expertise)

In Situation Expert, your Sitches, comments and other activities are tracked. The purpose of Path2X is to show you the areas of your Path to Expertise - Path2X. You'll see your progress and a general idea of your interest areas. You'll also see the topics that you worked on and you can access directly the Sitches from the list. Path2X provides you total points. You can sort by Recent, Expertise type and Points. One huge value of your Path2X records is the display and announcement to your teams and company on how you are building your expertise.