How to use Situation Expert


How do I view and comment on other's Sitch?

  • Go to Situations and view a Sitch from the displayed preview of Situations.
  • Click the Thinking icon from the Sitch menu. The postings from other members will be displayed.
  • You may share, comment, or reply on the Sitch tool entries.

What is Activity Alert?

  • Activity Alerts are sent to members' email to notify them about the recent activities, comments, and entries in the Sitch. Click the More in Sitch Page and select Unsubscribe to stop receiving the Activity Alerts.

How to review your activities and progress?

  • View your activities by clicking the main menu (square icon) and selecting My Activities.
  • You can also view your Sitch Progress on the colored pie icon on the upper right side of the Sitch page. Always make sure that you have 100% completed the Sitch process

How to ask for support and help

  • Go to Contact and click Contact Form. Type in all the necessary information regarding the support issue. You can also include a file, screenshot, or document (optional), then click Submit.