How to use Situation Expert


What is the value of Sitch?

We want to make it easy for you and your workers to learn while on the job. With Sitches, you can view other people's work situations that they need solutions for and help out sharing your insights and experiences, or you can create your own work Sitch. We all face issues or errors in our daily worklife. Sometimes, we don't have the time to go back to the classroom - we need to become experts quickly. Using Sitches will allow you and your team members to access expertise knowledge instantly.

What is a Sitch?

A Sitch can be a challenge that the company/organization is facing or an issue that needs other's help in solving. Sitches are situations, jams, issues, errors, gaps, troubles, stoppages, employee challenges and many others to fix and solve. They are also opportunities to improve, grow, expand, and introduce better, faster and cheaper ways to get the desired results.

How do I start to use the Sitch?

Once you have created a Sitch, you and your team members may now do the Surface and/or Deeper tools and analyze the causes using a variety of tools. You can also provide solutions or search ideas from other members’ experiences by using more than 20 different tools. Finally, you can post results and feedbacks.

How do I create a Sitch?

You can quickly create your own sitches by clicking ‘Create Sitch’ in the main menu. Then you can add a title, objective, and the biggest challenge about the Sitch. Don’t forget to add Tags to your sitch - this will allow you to quickly search and reference Sitches in the future. You may also add video links and images to your Sitch. When you’re all set, alert others to view your Sitch.

How to publish a Sitch?

Once you have saved the Sitch title, Description and Challenge, you may now opt to Publish the Sitch and alert other members regarding your Sitch. Click Publish button on the displayed Menu.

What are examples of Sitch?

Create Sitches based on the issues that you or your company face daily and get feedback from the community. What issues does your team face? What issues are you trying to overcome? From day to day operations to critical errors. Sitches help your team learn quickly and apply immediately.

How to add, edit, or delete video and image in Sitch?

You may add, change or delete a video by editing the Sitch. Please go to 'My Sitches' from the Menu and select the 'Sitch' you want to edit. Click the pencil icon beside the Sitch title to edit the Sitch.

How to unpublish a Sitch?

Click 'More' on the upper right part of the Sitch page then select 'Unpublish' to revert the Sitch into draft.

How to delete a Sitch?

Click 'More' on the upper right part of the Sitch page then select 'Delete'. Deleting the Sitch will completely lose the data and this action can't be undone.

How do I view and comment on other's Sitches?​

You may choose to view Sitches showing all published Sitches or only the Sitches you have created. Select 'All Sitches or 'My Sitches' from the Main Menu. Furthermore, you may also filter the list of 'My Sitches' to show only drafts or only the published Sitches. All members may create a record in the tools of other members' Sitches.

How to create a copy of a specific Sitch?

From the main menu, select 'All Sitches' then click the specific Sitch that you would like to copy. Click 'More' on the Sitch page then click 'Create a Copy'. In the form displayed, select the contents to be copied then click 'Create a Copy'.

How to change the author of the Sitch?

Click 'More' on the upper right part of the Sitch page then select 'Change Author'. Search the new author's email from the displayed search box then click 'Assign as Author'.

What is Activity Alert?

Activity Alerts are sent to members' email to notify them about the recent activities, comments, and entries in the Sitch. Click the 'More' in Sitch Page and select Activity Alert Settings to manage how you want to receive the Activity Alerts.

How do I get others to help me fix, solve and improve on work issues and build my expertise?

One key benefit of Situation Expert is that you can immediately ask for help to fix, solve and improve problems at work. After creating a Sitch, you can send an Alert to your contacts and team members. You can also send a notice to your social network friends (if this is enabled by your administrator). You complete the form and enter your contacts' email addresses and names. Your contacts will instantly be alerted of your Sitch. Reaching out to others is the key in taking baby steps to improve your expertise.

How do I help others and contribute to their expertise development?

Be active and engage in conversations with your teams. When team members seek out your help, respond to them. For continuous improvements of your expertise, actively search Situation Expert for your interest topic areas.

How to use the tools?

When fixing Sitches, members get to utilize different available tools that enable analysis, critical thinking, assessments, visualization, pattern-seeking, learning from others, sharing work, and collaboration. The Dig Deeper Tools - Fishbones, 80/20 Ideas, Sketches, Frames, Group think comments, Pros and Cons, and Mapping Ideas are available and used in Analysis. While the other tools - Checklists, Links, Videos, Downloads, What Ifs, and Workarounds are available and can be used for problem solving. There are also tools that show your results.These are Impacts and Stories. The created pattern and connections of ideas will emerge as your learning and takeaways from the Sitch.