“You sent me here. Now, I’m at risk” My team member called. How do I stay calm and provide help during a crisis?

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What's the Situation?
“You sent me here and now, I am stuck. My kid is sick. Do something, please.” I am so desperate. How do I help my employee? I sent her to travel overseas and now there is a pandemic happening. She is locked-down in her hotel. But she has to travel back home since her child is very ill. I feel responsible. I have to help her. But others insist she should take care of herself and I should avoid being involved. I am desperate. How do I stay calm and help my employee?
What's the biggest challenge?
I am responsible for this person and she is relying on me for help.
What's the objective?
To get her back home. How do I stay calm to handle this situation? I am desperate. Whether this is your situation or not, put yourself in the situation and think through a resolution.
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Ray Jimenez    
March 21, 2020