Move your organization into the digital age. Help workers think, fix ,solve and improve work issues. Go beyond memorization and compliance content to problem solving. This is at the heart of the new book "Workflow Learning".



Table of Contents

  1. Through Work We Learn
  2. The Broken Screw Story
  3. We Cannot Square Round Shapes
  4. Only My Work Matters
  5. Work Issues Abound
  6. Peter Who Cleans Trash Is an Expert Too
  7. Who Do You Go To For Advice?
  8. Just Like Parenting, We Want Kids To Think, But We Want Them To Seek Our Approval
  9. Workers Do the Troubleshooting, Not the Robotics
  10. Learning Without Knowing One is Learning
  11. Raymond’s Rutan VariEze Plane
  12. Show Me the Money
  13. Avoiding the Voodoo Magic in Measuring Learning
  14. Gravitational Waves and Interferometer
  15. What Makes Bird Scooters Work?
  16. The “Natural History Museum Effect”
  17. Going Beyond Instructions
  18. References
  19. List of Illustrations
  20. Index


About Ray Jimenez, Ph.D., Author


Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.
Award-winning learning technologist, strategist and thought leader.

Ray is the Chief Learning Architect for TrainingMagNetwork, Vignettes Learning and Situation Expert. He is the author of “Workflow Learning,” “Story Impacts,” “3-Minute eLearning,” “ Do-it-Yourself eLearning,” and “Scenario-Based eLearning.” Ray designs learning platforms, conducts workshops and consulting on Workflow Learning, Micro-Learning, Story-Design and Masterful Virtual Trainer. His clients include NASA, Caltech, DELL, Inc. Northwestern Mutual, TJ Max, Philipps Petroleum, U.S. State Department, Singapore Civil Service, and many others.

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“It is like learning without one is learning."

Learning in the Workflow is an environment where workers deal with real-work situations and fix, solve and improve issues.

Work is not a natural place where we “do” learning. We don’t go to work to learn. We simply do work.

Workers only pay attention to work-related issues. To simply learn something just to learn is the least of their concerns.

SMEs should provide “gentle” guidance instead of enforcing correctness of answers.

We don’t train workers on the unexpected.