Catastrophic Story - “No One Noticed Evan”



This Situation is an illustration and demo for the Catastrophic Story.

The “No One Noticed Evan Story” is a catastrophic story. This might also be called accident or disaster stories. The video depicts a recreation of the Columbine Shooting. The goal is to raise awareness of learners about life or death situations or catastrophic incidents that has significant impacts. The recreation of the scenes allows learners to notice the different hidden - less obvious events - scenes that demonstrated failures because people don’t pay attention to others or we don’t listen to their surroundings. The video also shows the abruptness and unpredictability of violent situations. This could happen anywhere, at work, home, bank, or in this case at school. The story is embedded in the story. Key ideas: violence at work or school, empathy, observations, sensitivity to others. 

Your goal is to experience the demo and video story. 

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