The Apartment Manager - “My Story” Story



This exercise is an illustration and demo for The Apartment Manager - “My Story” Story.

The “Apartment Manager Story” is a “My Story” type of video. It might also be called the “Turnaround Story” and a “Success Story.” When a character shares their own personal stories, it makes the factual content and messages real, believable, authentic, relatable, and meaningful. The video type invites the learners to take the place of the characters, their challenges, their discoveries, and hopes and joys. Key ideas in the video: avoid discrimination; sensitivity; Fair Housing Rules; accommodation; diversity; equity; inclusion. 

Your goal is to experience the demo and video story.  Click “Situation” on top. Preview the video and join the discussion. Then click “Resources”. Click “Share” if you wish to invite others to join the conversation. 

Have fun!